Water-Soluble, Surface-Functionalizable Polymeric Nanogels for Targeted Delivery and Controlled Release of Water-Insoluble Therapeutics

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Dr. Thayumanavan, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has recently developed a new class of therapeutic carriers capable of delivering water-insoluble therapeutics into cells. These carriers consist of crosslinked water-soluble synthetic polymers that are present in the form of nanoscale spherical gels/particles. The nanogels exhibit high loading capacity of water-insoluble therapeutics, excellent encapsulation stability, and release them in a tunable fashion in response to biologically relevant stimuli. The surface of the nanogels is conveniently decorated with functional groups, enabling robust and facile surface functionalization with desirable ligands for targeted delivery of therapeutics into pathogenic cells.

  • Targeted delivery of water-insoluble therapeutics
  • Controlled therapeutic release
  • Easy encapsulation and high loading of water-insoluble therapeutics via non-covalent interactions
  • Facile surface functionalization of nanogels for targeted therapeutic delivery
  • Biological stimulus-responsive nanogels for controlled, intracellular release of therapeutic agents
  • Tunable kinetics of therapeutic release controlled by polymer crosslink density
  • Biocompatible polymeric nanoparticle system
  • Surfactant-free syntheses of nanogels and thus ease of scale-up
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Available for Licensing/Start-up Venture
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Patent Pending

UMA 10-42
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