Synthetic Polymer-based Composite Nanoassemblies

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This technology provides intelligent, synthetic composite nanoassemblies for targeted delivery and triggered release of two or more different molecules. These composite nanoassemblies are formed from a combination of polymeric micelles and nanogels each independently capable of encapsulating guest molecules. The stability of the nanoassemblies is provided by the chemical bonds formed between the complimentary functional groups on the surface of the micelles and nanogels. The micelles and nanogels are chemically engineered to be structurally sensitive to different environmental stimuli, such as a change in pH or an increase in the concentration of a certain chemical/biochemical agent. Upon disassembly of the micelle component of the nanoassemblies to release the first type of encapsulated molecules in response to a first external stimulus, the nanogels become surface modified and gain the capability to enter different sites and release the second type of encapsulated molecules in response to a second external stimulus. The creative and flexible design principles of the nanoassemblies allow for targeted, triggered release of two or more types of encapsulated molecules at desired sites. 


Targeted delivery of water-insoluble therapeutics and controlled therapeutic release, theranostics, diagnostics, sensing, and catalysis. 

  • Chemical diversity of the nanoassemblies allows for a variety of encapsulation and triggered-release strategies, such as simultaneous or sequential release at the same site, or sequential release at two sites.
  • The disassembly of the first nanoassembly component can be used to activate the second component.
  • These polymeric nanoassemblies are biocompatible, thus suitable for biomedical applications.
  • The syntheses of the composite nanoassemblies and their components are simple and scalable. 
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UMA 13-02
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