Robust Smart Organic Nanoparticles Capable of Encapsulation and

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This technology provides a new class of structurally robust smart organic nanoparticles that are formed from covalently linked organic molecules. These organic nanoparticles can be produced in one step from two readily synthesized organic starting materials in the presence of a surfactant. Unlike inorganic nanomaterials such as quantum dots and gold nanoparticles, the smart nanoparticles provided by this technology not only can be produced with excellent control over their size and conveniently functionalized surfaces, but also can act as hosts for hydrophobic guest molecules and can subsequently self-disassemble and release the guests in  response to specific environmental stimuli.

  • Interfacial modifiers and compatibilizers
  • Biosensors 
  • Simple and robust nanoparticle production
  • Customizable nanoparticle size and surface functionalization
  • High structural integrity due to covalent bonding
  • Stable encapsulation of hydrophobic guest molecules
  • Stimuli-responsive self-disassembly and guest release 
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Patent Pending

UMA 13-019
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