Rapid Colorimetric Sensor for Detection of Bacteria in Water

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This technology provides nanoparticle-based colorimetric sensors in a test strip format for rapid detection of bacteria in water. In the presence of bacteria, the bacteria-nanoparticle interaction interferes with nanoparticle-dependent colorimetric reaction, leading to a visible output. Unlike other test strip products for bacterial detection, the test strips provided by this technology are very easy to use, have high shelf stability and detection sensitivity, and can be used for detection of a broad range of bacteria. In addition, these test strips can be produced using a high-throughput manufacturing process at minimal costs. 

  • Rapid detection of bacteria in recreational water
  • Rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water, beverages, and food 
  • Rapid bacterial detection (~ 5 minutes) applicable to a broad range of bacteria
  • High sensor sensitivity and stability
  • Easy sensor operation without the need of any equipment or user training
  • Low-cost and high-throughput sensor production 
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Available for Licensing or Sponsored Research
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Patent Pending

UMA 13-022
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