A General Method for the Formation of Aryl-Sulfur Bonds

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This is a palladium free general method for the formatin of aryl-sulphur bonds from aryl-iodides using catalytic amounts of copper iodide and neocuproine (2,9-dimethylphenanthroline) as the catalyst.


This method replaces the use of expensive palladium based methods of synthesis for complex molecules or drugs, as well as eliminating the need for certain additives.

  • Unlike palladium-based complexes, the Cu (I) complex catalyst is extremely inexpensive and easy to prepare
  • The Cu (I) complex is air stable, can be stored for long periods of time, and soluble in many organic solvents
  • The solvent used is toluene, not the more toxic and polar solvents DMF and pyridine as in prior art.
  • The reactions conditions are mild and tolerates various functional groups
  • Copper is used in catalytic amounts, instead of stoichiometric amounts
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Available for Licensing and Research Collaboration
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UMA 03-12
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