Classification Separation and Capture of Ultra Fine Particles by Impact Separation

Primary Inventors: 

Thomas R. Blake, Ph.D. and Karl Jakus, Ph.D.


A system for handling, collection and classification of ultra-fine and nano-scale particles is based on impact separation technology through control of the operating environment. The fractional efficiency for particle capture and the cut-diameter are affected by the geometry of the device, flow rate, and operating pressure, together with the particle characteristics.

  • Classification of particles and removal of agglomerates.
  • Separation of particles from carrier gas.
  • Collection of powders.
  • Based on commercial embodiment with simple design
  • Ease of scale-up
  • Continuous operation
  • Readily integrated with synthesis processes or other collection devices
Licensing Status: 
Available for Licensing and Research Collaboration
Patent Status: 

US Patents 7,077,887 and 7,951,217 issued

UMA 01-14
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