BUMP: Buckled Microlens Patterns for Optics and Adhesion

Primary Inventors: 

A new method to produce microlens arrays based on confinement of surface wrinkles. A material is laterally confined in at least one dimension as a stress is applied, such as compression, swelling, photopolymerization or heat, which then generates surface "wrinkles" in the desired configuration. Previous chemical modification creates the necessary elastic moduli differences on the surface to control wrinkle formation.  

  • Tunable optical refractive devices
  • Compound lens for multi-angular light detection
  • Smart surfaces for adhesion control
  • True pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Self-cleaning surfaces
  • Rapid generation of microlens arrays over macroscopic lateral dimensions
  • Low cost, efficient method
  • Ease of tuning microlens arrays through control of elastic moduli of materials and degree of lateral confinement
  • Ability to pattern microlens arrays over non-planar substrates.
  • Optical properties are easily tuned and amenable to a wide variety of materials. 
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Available for Licensing or Research Collaboration
Patent Status: 
UMA 07-12
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