Aliphatic Polyesters for Improved Drug Delivery

Primary Inventors: 

Dr. Todd Emrick at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has developed a new class of synthetic polymers capable of delivering water-insoluble cancer therapeutics into cells. These polymers consist of an aliphatic polyester backbone with pendent zwitterionic phosphorylcholine groups. The novel graft polymers provide facile conjugation through “click” chemistry, and can simultaneously impart good drug solubility, high loading levels, structural stability, and targeting on a single polymer chain. These characteristics allow preparation of polymer-drug conjugates that contain multiple drugs surrounded by other desired groups (i.e. for targeting and solubilization) in well-defined ratios. 

  • Delivery vehicles for water-insoluble cancer and other therapeutics
  • Integration into medical devices
  • Biomaterials 
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Water soluble
  • Easy to functionalize with targeting and other molecules
  • Low toxicity upon degradation 
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Available for Licensing or Sponsored Research
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Patent Pending

UMA 09-30
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