About GAMS

GAMS may be used in a variety of capacities. There are five basic GAMS utilities and each is described more fully below. They are “Full-Budget GAMS”, PropXls, IPF Creation, FastGrant, and Online Routing.

"Full-Budget GAMS"is defined as a proposal that is begun in GAMS using the smart budget-building capabilities. The IPF can then be generated automatically.  The PI can then attach the proposal and route the whole package through the University in GAMS.  In some cases it may be possible to submit the proposal electronically to the sponsor after routing and review (see FastGrant below). For assistance with Full-Budget GAMS, see "Self-Directed Full-GAMS Training Materials". These are a series of PDFs that capture screen prints of the various steps in creating a proposal budget, using NIH as an example.

PropXls” is useful if a user wants to create their own budget outside of GAMS, but plans to use GAMS to generate the IPF and attach the proposal for routing and OGCA review. The user only needs to put in total direct and indirect costs for each period, into a skeleton budget that will then allow for IPF generation.

IPF Creation is possible in GAMS following the building of a full or skeleton budget. The IPF is partly pre-populated with information based on the PI and co-PI(s) included in the budget. More information can be added to the basic IPF resulting from the budget creation before it is set up for electronic routing.

Segments of the proposal may be attached to the budget in the ‘Print Forms’ area under “Proposal Related Documents" after the budget has been created. This is especially useful for proposals that are not being submitted through Grants.gov. The whole proposal can then be reviewed from within GAMS.

FastGrant” is suited to the proposal that is being submitted via Grants.gov, the federal government’s storehouse for grant information and submission. The budget and IPF may be generated in GAMS, and the Grants.gov opportunity forms are pulled into GAMS where they will be pre-filled. The proposal components will be attached into the forms and the whole proposal reviewed and submitted from within GAMS.

Use Full-Budget GAMS instructions and check off “Yes” to the Grants.gov Submission question on the first page.  These directions will be helpful through Segment 5.

Online Routing of IPFs and proposals is a function for faculty serving as principal investigators or co-investigators on a proposal, and their department heads/chairs, and deans. It commits them to certain certifications for which they are held accountable by the university and sponsors, for the duration of the project.

Please contact Leanne Every, every@research.umass.edu or Paul Kelley, pakelley@research.umass.edu, for instructions on how to get started.