Many critical functions at the Center are carried out by skilled volunteers who put their talents to work by helping out from time to time.

Our regular volunteers include:

John Lancaster, Rare Book Librarian
Emeritus Curator of Special Collections, Amherst College Library
Nancy Gregg, Renaissance Center Archivist
Community volunteer
Dennis Porter, Center Garden Designer
Professor Emeritus, UMass French and Francophone Studies and Italian Studies
James Kelly, Mulitmedia Librarian
MLS, New York at Geneseo, 1974; MA, Rochester, 1977


A regular cohort of docents supervise the Reading Room during the Center’s regular open hours. Each docent volunteers for a two-hour weekly period; they are backed up by a list of willing substitutes. Docents frequently volunteer to help out at Center events.

Regular Docents
Barbara Bornstein, Maryly Craighill, Janice Dore,
Susi Friedman, Doris Holden, Colly Jagger, Diane Kelton, Helen Lee, Elaine Mange, Arthur Quinton, Herschel Shohan, Lora Simon, Anne Williamson

Substitute Docents
Vivienne Carey, Arelle Cook, Valerie Faith, Jean Fox,
Rhoda Honigberg, Alexandra Leras, Rachel Mustin,
Claudia Rhodes, Jean Schoen, Cynthia Wade