Come Here Often?

Become a Volunteer!

Do you have two unobligated hours weekly that are currently languishing on your schedule and yearning to be spent in a social-media-free zone such as the Reading Room at the Renaissance Center?

The Arthru F. Kinney Renaissance Center is looking for retirees to volunteer as docents in one of the more unusual communityservices activities available to Amherst area residents. The Center houses an impressive library of Renaissance resources, hosts graduate and undergraduate seminars through the UMass Department of English, and offers lectures, classes and events to students and community members alike. At the Center, volunteer docents provide a staff presence in the Reading Room, which is open to UMass students and to the public at large who come to further their knowledge of the Renaissance. Docents work one 2-hour shift each week during the academic year; seated in the Reading Room, docents settle into a cozy chair and turn to tasks of letter-writing, reading their own books, or dipping into the non-circulating materials along the bookshelves and tables of this elegant room. With staff assistance, docents may also access Renaissance materials housed in the non-circulating library downstairs. In addition, docents have a circulating library of their own in the nearby Swanson Room from which they are at liberty to borrow and return books. To serve as a Center docent, or to get more information, call or email Steven Herzberg [413.588.6693;] or leave a message on the Center’s phone [577-3600] to select an available 2-hour weekday time slot and to schedule a brief training session during your first shift as a docent.


Then think about spending two hours weekly during the spring and fall UMass academic semesters as a docent in the Arthur F. Kinney Reading Room at the Renaissance Center, 650 East Pleasant Street, Amherst.  Then lift that telephone receiver and leave your name and contact information with the Center staffer who answers your call to 577-3600 or talk with Steven Herzberg at 413-588-6693 or email about becoming a Center docent.

What does a Renaissance Center docent do?
He or she signs on for one of the currently available two-hour time slots on Mondays through Fridays, arrives in the Reading Room at the appointed time, and settles into the relaxing rhythm of a setting that nurtures the academic pursuits of students and scholars.

Why does the Center have docents?
The Renaissance Center is open to UMass students and to the public at large. The presence of docents in the Reading Room frees staff members Jeff and Ellen from overseeing the comings and goings of students and the public through the room and the top-drawer collection of Renaissance materials that it houses.

Come be a docent---call the Center or Jacquie Price today!