English Literary Renaissance

Founded at the UMass English Department more than thirty years ago, ELR is widely considered the leading journal in English Renaissance literary culture. Refereed and overseen by a board comprised of local and international Renaissance scholars, ELR is now managed and edited at the Center and provides graduate students with the opportunity to manage a publication known for high editorial standards.

Massachusetts Studies in Early Modern Culture

An interdisciplinary book series published by the University of Massachusetts Press, Massachusetts Studies in Early Modern Culture publishes works by new and established scholars. Each study significantly advances and refigures our knowledge of the British Isles in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Widely reviewed and praised, the series is refereed by a distinguished, international board of literary and historical scholars.

To view titles in this series, or to purchase them, contact the University of Massachusetts Press.

Tudor England: An Encyclopedia

An authoritative reference for scholars and students of England under the Tudors, 1485-1603, this project reflects a renewed interest in archival research that has resulted in fundamental changes in our perceptions of the Tudor age. Every area of Tudor scholarship--history, religion, art, music, politics, science, society, literature--has been affected, to the extent that fields of study such as economic and natural history are now in exciting dialogue with the traditional studies of history and literature. This encyclopedia of 700 entries, the work of more than 200 leading scholars around the world, is a thorough survey that will serve the reader as a quick reference for information and detail, but also serves as a point of departure for the specialist who wants a general overview and an initial, selective bibliography. (Routledge, London and New York, 2000)

The Twayne English Authors Series (Renaissance)

The most accessible source of literary and biographical studies of major and minor authors in this period, the Twayne series is widely used in schools and public libraries. It represents the Center's commitment to education and support for a broad curriculum of Early Modern literary study.

Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies Conference Proceedings

The Center publishes papers presented at many of its conferences. Proceedings can be purchased by contacting the Center. The following proceedings are currently available:

  • Translations, Forgeries and Paraphrases: Papers on Renaissance Translation. Edited by Edwin M. Gentzler and Arthur F. Kinney. Conference held October 20, 2000.
  • Responses to Regicide. Edited by R. Malcolm Smuts and Arthur F. Kinney. Conference held February 1, 1999.
Occasional Publications of the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies

The Center publishes selected seminars presented throughout the academic year. These can be purchased by contacting the Center.

  • #6 John F. Andrews, Site-Reading Shakespeare's Dramatic Scores
  • #5 Werner Habicht, Shakespeare Celebrations and European Wars
  • #4 Jerzy Limon, English Actors on the Continent and Shakespeare's "Wooden O" in Gdansk
  • #3 David Lee Miller, The Father's Witness: Sacrifice and Subjectivity in the Elizabethan Theater
  • #2 Juan Tazon, "A Nest of Hollow Bosoms": Reflections on the Political Uses of Treason in Elizabethan England
  • #1 Brennan C. Pursell, Gondomar: A Spaniard at King James's Court
The Massahcusetts Center for Renaissance Studies Newsletter

Published for Friends and Patrons of the Center, this semiannual publication contains a semester's worth of Center events, acquisitions, and news. To receive a newsletter, contact us and become a Friend.