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Any work of this magnitude is obviously the product of many hands. There are certain individuals, however, without whom this project simply could not exist.

First and foremost among these individuals is Dr. Patri J. Pugliese. The Raymond J. Lord Collection would not have been possible without his tremendous assistance, generosity, and support. Dr. Pugliese began collecting and disseminating historical combat treatises long before such undertakings became fashionable and the Collection is merely a logical extension of more than two decades of his work in this field.

Thanks must also accrue to the Association for Renaissance and Medieval Swordsmanship at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies. In particular, Dan Armenti, Jasper McChesney, and David Frankel have lent invaluable assistance in the areas of interpretation, image manipulation, technical support, and website design. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt gave many hours of their time in the laborious scanning of documents.

It also goes without saying that the Raymond J. Lord Collection is proud to have found its home at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies with special thanks due to Arthur F. Kinney, the Center's Director, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Office Manager, and Jeff Goodhind, Librarian.

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