Raymond J. Lord Symposium on Historical European Martial Arts

The Renaissance Center will host the fourteenth annual Raymond J. Lord Symposium on historical European martial arts on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Daniel Jaquet will present two talks,  "Inscription, description or codification of fighting techniques. Towards a typology of fight books" and "The Flügelhau. A case study of an essential martial technique of early 16th c. German fighting competitions with the longsword, as documented in the fight books."   Also speaking are  Donald La Rocca, Curator of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on, "Some essential books from the sixteenth century to today for understanding European arms and armor", and Michael Chidester, on "Syllabus vs System: The Legacy of Johannes Liechtenauer."  The day will end with a panel discussion, "Revisiting the H in HEMA."

The symposium will be held at the Renaissance Center (650 East Pleasant St. Amherst, MA).  It runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is no charge for attendance but pre-registration is required.  Please call 413-577-3600 or email  Lunch will be provided for registrants.


Performing the Flügelhau: with Daniel Jaquet
Description: In the first quarter of the 16th c., both an anonymous text (Köln, Stadtarchiv, Best 7020) and the fight book of Andreas Paurnfeindt (Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey, Wien, 1516) present the technique of the Flugelhau. This workshop proposes martial interpretations of these texts, with a specific method allowing documentation of the process and analysis of the results.

Sunday, April 29, 2018.  2:00-4:00pm. 
Alumni Gym, Amherst College, 226 South Pleasant St, Amherst MA.
Fee: $30
Pre-registration is required.  Please call 413-577-3600 or email