About Jeff Lord

Jeff Lord has been practicing and teaching various martial arts disciplines for over 30 years. His experience includes over 20 years as a Head Fencing Coach at Amherst, Hampshire and Smith Colleges. He has provided instruction in stage combat at numerous theaters and schools throughout New England, and has been a certified member of the Society of American Fight Directors.

Lord spent two years in Japan studying Japanese sword arts, and there earned the shodan (first degree) rank in both Kendo and Iaido. He has taught Meyer's German longsword technique at the Higgins Armory museum in Worcester, MA, and was a co-founder of the museum's Sword Guild. He also holds a master's degree in Medieval History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is an Associate Curator at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies.

Lord has been a member of ARMS since its founding in 2001. In his capacity as Director of Interpretive Studies, he has overseen both the physical and academic aspects of the Association's work.