Recent Acquisitions

The Center is constantly acquiring new books, due to our own effort at collection development and the wide range of donations that we receive. Below you will find a list of recently acquired rare books.

William Gouge. A Learned and Very Useful Commentary on The Whole Epistle to the Hebrews. 1655. From thirty years of Wednesday lectures delivered at Blackfriars

John Lightfoot. Opera Omnia. 1586. The complete works of an English churchman and rabbinical scholar who was the first Christian scholar to call attention to the importance of the Talmud . Includes two maps.

Veit Ludwig von Seckendorf. Commentarius Historicus et apologeticus de Lutheranismo sive de Reformatione 1692. An important work for scholars of the Reformation that traces the history of Lutheranism

Matthew Poole. Synopsis criticorum aliorumque sacrae Scripturae interpretum et commentatorum, summo studio et fide adornata, indicibusque necessariis instructa . 1686. 5 volume set. A compilation and summary of one hundred and fifty Latin biblical commentaries

Joseph Hall. The Works of Joseph Hall. 1634. Joseph Hall was bishop of Norwich, a religious writer, and a satirist. The volume includes his sermons, devotional works, and his works dealing with the religious controversy of Protestant separatism.