Faculty and student activities at national and international conferences

Faculty, staff, and students from the Center for Educational Assessment are very active in many international, national, and regional conferences. This page is being constantly updated, and the links below provide a sampling of information about the Center's participation in selected conferences from the past several years.


2008 NCME/AERA Annual Meeting Programs (New York, NY)
2007 NCME/AERA Annual Meeting Programs (Chicago, IL)
2006 NCME/AERA Annual Meeting Programs (San Francisco, CA)
2003 AERA Annual Meeting Program (Chicago, IL)
2003 NCME Annual Meeting Program (Chicago, IL)
2002 NCME/AERA Annual Meeting Programs (New Orleans, LA)

Northeastern Educational Research Association

2007 NERA Annual Meeting Program (Rocky Hill, CT)
2006 NERA Annual Meeting Program (Kerhonkson, NY)
2005 NERA Annual Meeting Program (Kerhonkson, NY)
2002 NERA Annual Meeting Program (Ellenville, NY)

International Test Commission

2008 International Test Commission Conference on The Impact of Testing on People and Society: Enhancing the Value of Test Use (Liverpool, England)
2006 International Test Commission Conference on Psychological and Educational Test Adaptation Across Languages and Cultures (Brussels, Belgium)
2002 International Test Commission Conference on Computer-Based Testing (Winchester, England)

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