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The Research and Evaluation Methods Program emphasizes the training of persons in the areas of (1) psychometric models, methods, and practices, (2) educational statistics, and (3) research and evaluation methods.Graduates of the Program are trained to carry out the design of research and evaluation studies, to apply modern psychometric models and methods (such as those associated with item response theory and performance-based assessment), to develop and validate a wide variety of instruments, and to analyze data in such diverse settings as the public schools, state and federal agencies, industry, the armed services, and medical and allied-health organizations.


The Research and Evaluation Methods Program offer the following courses:

EDUCATION 509 Fundamentals of Test Construction
EDUCATION 553 Modern Assessment Methods and Practices
EDUCATION 555 Introductions to Statistics & Computer Analysis I
EDUCATION 632 Principles of Testing
EDUCATION 656 Introductions to Statistics & Computer Analysis II
EDUCATION 661 Educational Research Methods
EDUCATION 731 Structural Equation Modeling
EDUCATION 735 Classical Test Models and Practices
EDUCATION 736 Introductions to Item Response Theory
EDUCATION 751 Scaling Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
EDUCATION 756 Advanced Measurement Seminar
EDUCATION 763 Advances in Item Response Theory
EDUCATION 771 Applied Multivariate Analyses I
EDUCATION 772 Applied Multivariate Analyses II
EDUCATION 801 Advanced Psychometric Methods I
EDUCATION 802 Advanced Psychometric Methods II
EDUCATION 803 Psychometric and Statistical Modeling
EDUCATION 821 Validity Theory and Validity Applications

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