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In Memory: Frank Stetz (UMass Ed.D., 1975)

The Research and Evaluation Methods Program is very sad to announce the death of Frank Stetz, a 1975 graduate of the program. Frank died from complications of cancer in January of 2009. Ron Hambleton, one of Frank's professors had this to say, "Frank was one of the first students in the program in 1972 and he helped the program establish the outstanding reputation we have today. He was a hard, careful, and conscientious worker with a very positive disposition. Everyone liked him. He went on to have a very productive career in our field."

Frank's specialties were educational measurement practices and survey research. He began his career working in New York with Harcourt Testing Publishing Co. When they later moved their headquarters to Cleveland, Frank choose to stay in New York, a city he enjoyed very much, and he spent the remainder of his career as a consultant conducting survey research for industry and education.

Frank made a generous donation of $50,000 to the program in his will. Ways are being considered now by the faculty to use those funds in his memory.


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