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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)


Craig Wells Craig S. Wells, a 2004 graduate from the University of Wisconsin, joined the Research and Evaluation Methods Program as Assistant Professor in the fall of 2004, and also serves as Assistant Director in the Center for Educational Assessment. Professor Wells teaches courses in statistical methods and structural equation modeling. In the coming years, we anticipate he will teach courses in generalizability theory, hierarchical linear models, and special topics in item response theory. His research interests include the study of non-parametric item response models, detection of differential item functioning or item bias, and assessment of model fit. He also has a keen interest in the philosophy of science and its applications. Ronald Hambleton, program chair, said recently, "Professor Wells is a terrific addition to the current faculty. His contributions to the program in the coming years will be immense because of his academic credentials, teaching abilities, creativity, work ethic, and ability to work well with others. I should add that he complements rather than duplicates the skills of any of current faculty and so the program has both more breadth and depth with his arrival. Everyone will benefit from his contributions."


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