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NCME/AERA Conference Update:
Success in San Diego

Faculty, staff, and students from REMP/CEA recently attended the meetings of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) held in San Diego, CA, from April 13-17, 2009. Researchers from REMP/CEA were significantly involved in many aspects of the conferences, including serving as discussants and session moderators, paper presenters (six at NCME), and poster presenters (three at NCME and three at AERA).

The previous announcement with a full listing of REMP/CEA paper and poster presentations at the 2009 meetings can be found here.

Notably, at the AERA Division D In-Progress Research Gala, REMP doctoral student Tia Sukin was award first prize for her poster, entitled The Effect of Deleting Anchor Items on the Classification of Examinees: An Exploration of Item Flagging Criteria and Anchor Item Properties. Fifty graduate students from universities across the United States and Canada were selected to participate in the Gala, and Tia's research proposal was rated highest by three raters. The program is pleased to announce too that two additional REMP students were selected as finalists in the Gala competition: Yu Meng and Hanwook Yoo.

Congratulations, Tia!


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