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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)

Upcoming Seminar: ETS' Sandip Sinharay to speak at REMP

On Monday, April 2, 2012, Dr. Sandip Sinharay of Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ, will speak at Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP). His talk, entitled "A Critical Evaluation of Subscore Reporting: Temptations, Pitfalls, and Some Recommendations", will take place in 151 HIlls South at 12pm.

Dr. Sinharay's abstract is as follows: "There is an increasing interest in subscores because of their potential diagnostic value. This presentation provides a critical evaluation of reporting of subscores in the context of educational tests. The presentation starts by raising questions about the quality of the currently reported subscores. A review is provided of a recent classical-test-theory-based method that examines whether subscores provide any added value over the total score (Haberman, 2008). A discussion is provided of the extension of the method to subscores based on multidimensional item response theory models. Analysis of data from several operational data sets shows that subscores have to be based on a sufficient number of items and have to be sufficiently distinct from each other to be worth reporting and that several operationally reported subscores actually do not have any added value over the total score. The presentation concludes with some recommendations on reporting of subscores."

Sandip Sinharay is a Principal Research Scientist in the Research & Development Division at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ. He received his M.Stat in 1996 from the Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta and his M.S. and his Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University in 1998 and in 2001, respectively.

Sinharay received the Alicia Cascallar Award for an Outstanding Paper by an Early Career Scholar, the Jason Millman Promising Measurement Scholar Award, and the award for technical or scientific contribution, all from the National Council on Measurement in Education, in 2005, 2006, and 2009, respectively. He received the Educational Testing Service Scientist Award in 2008. Recently, he co-edited the volume 26 on Psychometrics of the Handbook of Statistics series with C. R. Rao, a distinguished statistician who received the National Medal of Science in 2001. Sinharay has published research articles in several leading Psychometrics and Statistics journals. He is one of the two editors of the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics and is in the editorial board of Educational and Psychological Measurement and Journal of Educational Measurement. Sinharay's research interests include psychometrics, reporting of diagnostic scores, Bayesian statistics, model checking and model selection methods, statistical computing, missing data analysis, and applications of statistical methods to biological and social sciences.

A short video detailing a day in the life of Dr. Sinharay can be found here.


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