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REMP Alumnus Frédéric Robin receives ETS Presidential Award

Fred Robin

Photo credit: ETS
Frédéric Robin, a 2001 graduate of UMass' Research and Evaluation Methods program, has been awarded the Presidential Award at Educational Testing Service (ETS). Dr. Robin provided critical support for two ETS Brand programs, GRE and TOEFL. This work included troubleshooting GRE pool production in order to produce reliable item pools within test security and item development constraints; playing a major role on the GRE Redesign team developing approaches to test design, item inventory, and a jumpstarted research plan; and, for TOEFL, developing improved equating designs.

At ETS, Dr. Robin has been developing methodologies and software for simulating test data, simulating and analyzing computerized adaptive tests (CAT), evaluating model-fit (including DIF or differential item functioning, item-fit, and person-fit), and for item response theory (IRT) calibration, scoring, linking, and equating. He has conducted and participated in research studies focusing on issues related to IRT estimation, scoring, scaling and equating, CAT, DIF, and test adaptations across languages.

This important honor has been received by other UMass alumni employed at ETS, most recently Kevin Meara (Ed.D., 2001) and Mary Pitoniak (Ph.D., 2003).

Congratulations, Fred!


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