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Upcoming CEA/REMP Seminar: Professor James S. Roberts to Speak at UMass

James S. Roberts

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The Center for Educational Assessment at UMass is very pleased to announce that Professor James S. Roberts of the Georgia Institute of Technology's Department of Psychology will speak at UMass on Friday, March 2, 2007. Dr. Roberts will give a seminar from 9:15am to 3pm in Hills South Room 151, and his talk is entitled "Introduction to the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model and the GGUM2004 Software Package for Analyzing Attitude, Personality, and Satisfaction Surveys".

This workshop will introduce attendees to the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model (GGUM) developed by Roberts, Donoghue and Laughlin (Applied Psychological Measurement, 2000). The GGUM is a unidimensional item response model that unfolds graded responses like those obtained with common attitude and rating scales. The workshop will include both didactic and "hands-on" components. The didactic component will review the distinctions between cumulative and unfolding models, introduce the GGUM and the various models nested within it, briefly examine how model parameters can be estimated, and describe how model results are interpreted. The "hands-on" component will provide attendees with experience analyzing item response data with the GGUM2004 software package. GGUM2004 is a Windows-based program that estimates parameters of the GGUM, calculates statistical indices of item and model fit, and provides real-time graphics to aid model diagnosis and interpretation. The workshop content is targeted to students, researchers and practitioners who wish to apply modern measurement techniques to analyze typical attitude, personality and satisfaction surveys. Minimal experience with item response theory (IRT) will be assumed.

More information about GGUM and the GGUM2004 software can be found here.


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