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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)

REMP Faculty Receive Academic Technology Grant!

REMP Assistant Professors Jennifer Randall, Craig Wells, and Lisa Keller have received a grant from the UMass Information Technology Council's Subcommittee on Academic Technology to study the use of instructional technology in graduate level statistics course in the College of Education. Jennifer Randall is the principal investigator on the project, and will collaborate with Craig Wells and Lisa Keller. The funding amount of the project for the upcoming academic year is about $9,000.

In this research project, Personal Response System (PRS) technology will be used to evaluate the extent to which use of the PRS system, along with interactive whiteboard technology, will increase the mathematical/statistical self-efficacy as well as decrease the mathematical/statistical anxiety of graduate students (and particularly in challenging, higher-level statistics courses) by providing timely feedback to instructors and students as well as opportunities for students to truly interact with the course material. By developing a common statistical curriculum in REMP within the College of Education, which maximizes the instructional and assessment benefits of the PRS Interactive whiteboard, they aim to determine, describe, and share best practices with other graduate level faculty.


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