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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)

REMP/CEA Faculty, Students, and Staff at NERA 2008!

The Center for Educational Assessment and the Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP) concentration are pleased to announce the following papers have been accepted for presentation at the 39th annual meeting of the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA), to be held in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, October 22-24, 2008.


Reporting test scores in more meaningful ways: Some new findings, research methods, and guidelines for score report design
Ronald K. Hambleton and April L. Zenisky


The effect of matching distributions on the proficiency estimates when evaluating measurement invariance using CFA
Zachary Smith and Craig S. Wells

A review of item exposure control methods for computerized-adaptive testing
Hanwook Yoo and Ronald K. Hambleton

The effect of speededness on assessing test dimensionality
Hanwook Yoo and Craig S. Wells

A comparison of methods for handling missing data when assessing dimensionality via linear factor analysis
Yu Meng, Ronald K. Hambleton, and Craig S. Wells

The effect of deleting anchor items on the classification of examinees
Tia Sukin and Lisa Keller

Comparing the mean and sigma and fixed theta methods in calibrating practice tests
Leah T. Kaira, Lisa Keller, and Stephen G. Sireci

A comparison of confirmatory factor analysis and item response theory for assessing differential test functioning
Leah T. Kaira, and Craig S. Wells

Evaluating differential item functioning based on native language on the Massachusetts Adult Proficiency Test
Jenna Copella and Stephen Sireci

A comparison of the likelihood ratio test and confirmatory factor analysis in assessing measurement invariance
Jenna Copella and Craig Wells

A review of evidence-centered design and its applications to the development of complex assessments
Jeffrey M. Patton

Assessing differential item functioning on a visual analog scale using CFA versus ANCOVA
Jeffrey M. Patton and Craig S. Wells

Effect of sampling on differential item functioning (DIF) detection using logistic regression
Rahmawati, Leah T. Kaira, Craig S. Wells, and Stephen G. Sireci

A confirmatory factor analytic study examining the dimensionality of an educational placement test
Nina Deng, Ronald K. Hambleton, and Craig S. Wells

A comparison of methods for assessing local dependency due to common stimuli
Polly Parker and Craig S. Wells

An investigation of the structural comparability of test forms which were selected based on examinees' choices of questions
Wendy Lam and Craig S. Wells

New methods for building validity into the standard setting process
Stephen G. Sireci, Jennifer Randall, and April L. Zenisky

Conflicted uses and users: The development of a Formative Assessment System typology
Jason A. Schweid, Stephen G. Sireci, and Matt Militello


Issues in designing a longitudinal survey
Jenna Copella, Polly Parker, and Lisa Keller


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