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Center for Educational Assessment at NERA 2006!

The Center for Educational Assessment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is pleased to announce that a number of faculty and students recently presented their research at the 37th annual conference of the Northeastern Educational Research Association held in Kerhonkson, NY, on October 18-20, 2006.

Papers presented included:

A TCC RMSD Bootstrapping Study for Detecting Population Invariance
Robert R. Keller & Lisa A. Keller

A Comparison of 2 Methods of School-level Accountability Determinations in One State: Which Method Leads to the Most Valid Decisions?
Christine Lewis

Central Limit Theorem and Sample Size
Zachary R. Smith & Craig S. Wells

Psychometric Issues when Measuring Adequate Yearly Progress as Required by No Child Left Behind: A Literature Review
Karen Addesso

A Comparison of IRT Equating Methods on Recovering Parameters and Capturing Growth in Mixed-format Tests
Su G. Baldwin & Michael L. Nering

Evaluating Population Invariance in a National Assessment
Su G. Baldwin, Lisa A. Keller, & Craig S. Wells

Exploring the Meaningfulness of Strand Score Reporting using Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Ana M. Karantonis

Item Parameter Invariance Across States in a National Assessment Program
Ana M. Karantonis, Su G. Baldwin, Stephen J. Jirka, Craig S. Wells, & Ronald K. Hambleton

Population Invariance: Comparison of Converted Scores for a National Testing Program
Stephen J. Jirka, Su G. Baldwin, Ana M. Karantonis, Craig S. Wells, & Ronald K. Hambleton

The Misuse of Unidimensional Tests as a Diagnostic Tool
Pauline Parker & Craig S. Wells

WinGen: Windows software that Generates IRT Parameters and Item Responses
Kyung T. Han

Consequence of IRT Model Misfit in Equating
Yue Zhao

Evaluation of Standard Error Estimates across IRT Software
Jill K. Delton & Craig S. Wells
Note: Papers marked by "" can be accessed by clicking on the paper title.

More information about the conference can be found on the conference website here.

Below are selected pictures from the 2006 conference. Click on an image to view it larger.
At NERA's Open Mic and Karaoke Night, current REMP faculty and students as well as alumni performed a rousing edition of the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week," much to the delight of the crowd.
After an exciting day of conferencing, Professor Craig Wells checks in with doctoral students Rob Keller, Su Baldwin, Leah Kaira, and Ana Karantonis in the hotel lobby.
Zachary Smith and Stephen Jirka reflect on measurement issues and propose ideas for future research before dinner on Thursday.
Kevin Meara (a 2001 graduate of REMP, currently of Educational Testing Service) took time out of the conference to catch the last few innings of the Mets-Cardinals game with Professors Wells and Sireci.

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