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CEA Project News: Professor Keller to research anchor items with CTB/McGraw-Hill

Assistant Professor Lisa A. Keller of UMass was recently awarded a research contract with CTB/McGraw-Hill to study the appropriate course of action to take when items that are used in equating exhibit differential functioning across administrations. To that end, different methods for detecting aberrant items will be explored, and criteria used for determining when it may be best to delete the item from the equating will be established. The criteria for evaluation will be dependent upon effect that deleting the item or retaining the item has on the classification of examinees and the determination of AYP. This is a one-year grant, funded by CTB/McGraw-Hill for approximately $56,000, with Professor Keller and CTB's Karla Egan (a UMass alumna) as co-principal investigators.

More info about CTB/McGraw-Hill can be found on their website.

More information about other current CEA grant and contract work can be found here.


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