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Global Partnerships: Center for Educational Assessment to assist with assessment practices and training in Indonesia

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As part of ongoing work on a USAID project involved in enhancing the educational assessment skills in Indonesia, the Center for Educational Assessment's Professor Craig Wells will be traveling to Indonesia this June to present a series of workshops there. The goal of the project is to increase Indonesia's capacity in educational assessment expertise as part of their national educational improvement efforts.

Professor Wells will be joined Dr. Urip Purwono of Indonesia's Padjadjaran University in Bandung, who is also a 2004 graduate of UMass' REMP program.

A list of the lectures to be given follows.
1) Principles of Test Construction (June 16-17)
Objectives: Describe the process for constructing educational assessments

2) Introduction to Item Response Theory (June 18-19)
Objectives: Describe the background and knowledge needed to use many unidimensional IRT models and related procedures for handling binary response data

3) Advanced Topics in Item Response Theory (June 20-21)
Objectives: Describe how to use IRT to model polytomous response data and establish scales over time

4) Test Equating/Scaling (June 23-24)
Objectives: Describe methods used in equating test scores and linking scales used in item response theory

5) Standard-setting Methods (June 25-26)
Objectives: Describe methods used in setting standards on an educational assessment

6) Testing Policy and Score Reporting (June 27-28)
Objectives: Describe the educational assessment policy in the United States and provide research findings on the importance of score reporting


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