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Professor Hambleton invited to speak at ATP 2007

Professor Ronald Hambleton will give an invited address at the upcoming Association of Test Publishers Conference in Palm Springs, California on February 6th, 2007 and the title of his presentation is "Methods and Guidelines for Translating and Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests into Multiple Languages and Cultures." His abstract is below.

"With the increasing numbers of credentialing exams, achievement tests, and psychological scales being translated and adapted, it is important to review the best ways that these activities should be carried out to maximize the validity of the tests in new situations. Translating and adapting tests into multiple languages and cultures has a long history in education and psychology. Unfortunately, these translation/adaptation initiatives have not always been successful, thus reducing the validity of the intended uses of these instruments in other languages and cultures. The reasons for the failures are many including lack of understanding for the technical challenges that arise in the test translation/adaptation process, limited time and resources to do the job well, and lack of awareness of the necessary steps and methodology. In this ATP presentation the goals will be (1) to describe several of the popular myths associated with translating and adapting tests (e.g., that most anyone with knowledge of another language can prepare a good translation), (2) to offer a set of steps for translating and adapting tests, along with a detailed discussion of the methodology associated with several of the more technically challenging steps (e.g., research designs, comparison of test structures in multiple languages, and the identification of DIF, even with small samples), (3) to describe the processes for compiling new norms for translated/adapted tests, and (4) to provide a description of the technical guidelines for translating and adapting tests that were prepared by the International Test Commission."

More information about the Association of Test Publishers' conference can be found online here.


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