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CTB/McGraw-Hill's Dr. Karen Barton to Speak at REMP

Dr. Karen Barton, senior psychometrician for CTB/McGraw-Hill, will speak at REMP on Tuesday, September 16 at 12pm. The title of her talk is "Hiking Mt. Validity: Calibrating your compass and other test trek tools". In her talk, Dr. Barton will discuss the assessment process and how test developers can assure that, while routes may vary (sampling designs, equating designs, student centered differences, administration modes (online, on paper, accommodated) scoring and publishing issues), they are able to arrive at a valid end point, including thoughts about the future of assessments in the realm of online, formative, truly embedded designs.

Dr. Karen Barton is a senior psychometrician in the Research Department of CTB/McGraw-Hill and works from her home office in Wake Forest, NC. Her work includes consultation on and conducting psychometric work around large-scale assessments, alternate assessments for students with severe cognitive disabilities, online testing, accommodations for students with disabilities and English language learners, special test editions, and Universal Design. She received her B.S. in Psychology and M.S. in Special Education from Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia; and her Ph.D. in Research and Measurement from the University of South Carolina. Prior to her career at CTB, Karen was a psycho-educational evaluator for incarcerated men, taught special education to students with mild-moderate disabilities, supervised student teachers, and spent many years at play (camping, snow skiing, sailing, swimming, hiking, and even archery) with visually impaired, hearing impaired, deaf-blind, and mentally handicapped children and adults. Her best joy in life is her 3-year old son, Alex.


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