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REMP/CEA Faculty, Students, and Staff at NCME and AERA 2007!

Chicago, Illinois, Site of NCME/AERA 2007The Center for Educational Assessment and the Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP) concentration is pleased to note that a number of faulty, students, and staff have had their work accepted for presentation on the programs of the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education. These meetings will be held in Chicago, Illnois, April 9 - 13, 2007. More information about AERA's meeting can be found here on the conference website, and here for NCME.

Below is a brief listing of CEA/REMP presentations at NCME, then AERA.


Su Baldwin, Eric Bradlow, Howard Wainer, and Xiaohui Wang: Bayesian testlet response theory with covariates: An introduction and two applications

Ana Karantonis, Craig S. Wells, and Ronald K. Hambleton: Defining performance categories: Using an IRT-based approach to identify "exemplar" items

Christine Lewis and Craig S. Wells: The effect of DIF on the classification of LEP students

Tie Liang and Craig S. Wells: A model fit statistic for generalized partial credit model

Per-Erik Lyren, University of Umea, Sweden, and Ronald Hambleton: Investigation of several methodological issues in equating

Stephen G. Sireci, Peter Baldwin, Drey Martone, & Kyung-tyek Han: Determining cutpoints on a multi-stage test for federally established proficiency levels

Kyung-tyek Han and Craig S. Wells: Impact of differential item functioning (DIF) on test equating and proficiency estimates

Robert R. Keller, Lisa A. Keller, and Su Baldwin: The effect of changing equating methods on monitoring growth in mixed-format tests

Ronald Hambleton (Discussant): Comparability of adapted versions of multilingual tests

Ronald Hambleton (Discussant): Innovations in standard setting

Ronald Hambleton (Discussant): Standard-setters: Stand up and take a stand Stephen G. Sireci (Discussant): Accountability, measurement, and value-added models

In addition to the many REMP alumni on the NCME program, two 2003 graduates of REMP, Dr. Michael G. Jodoin and Dr. Mary J. Pitoniak, both of Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, are also serving as Program Co-Chairs for the 2007 NCME Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Mary and Mike!


Su Baldwin, Peter Baldwin, and Michael Nering: A comparison of IRT equating methods on recovering parameters and capturing growth in mixed-format tests

Andrea (Drey) Martone: Exploring the impact of teachers' participation in an assessment-standards alignment study

Chang, S., Lau, A. Zhao, Y., Lam, W. & Lien, S.: Separate versus concurrent calibration methods with different estimation methods for vertical scaling with the Rasch model

Stephen G. Sireci and Kyung-tyek Han: Methods for evaluating the validity of test scores for English language learners


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