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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)


The following faculty, staff, and students from the Center for Educational Assessment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst actively participated in the recent meetings of NCME and AERA in San Francisco, CA.
Those papers marked with a "" are available for download; click on the title of the paper for the PDF. National Council on Measurement in Education:

Baldwin, P. Using common IRT discrimination parameters for subsets of items to improve small sample parameter estimation.

Hambleton, R. K. Have my test items been stolen? Item statistics to find out.

Han, K.-T., Sireci, S. G., Wells, C. S., & Zenisky, A. L. Methods for evaluating educational gains at the program level.

Jirka, S. Exploration of local item dependence in a large-scale assessment.

Li, S. & Wells, C. S. A model fit statistic for Samejima's graded response model.

Sireci, S. G. Enforcing the Standards: Exploring the use of the Standards by the courts.

Sireci, S. G., Lewis, C., & Martone, D. Why can't we all just get along? How psychometricians can work with school districts to improve student learning.

Wells, C. S., Cohen, A. S., & Serlin, R. C. Use of iterative linking with an equivalency test for DIF.

Zenisky, A. L., & Baldwin, P. Using item response time data in test development and validation: Research with beginning computer users.

Zhao, Y. Detecting differential item functioning with small samples.

Zhao, Y., & Hambleton, R.K. Impact of item misfit on examinee ability estimates and proficiency classifications.

American Educational Research Association:

Hambleton, R. K. Administration mode effects in computer-based large scale assessments. (Discussant)

Hambleton, R. K. Methodological developments in international educational research: Experiences from the OECD PISA study. (Discussant)

Kim, D., Wang. S., Zhao, Y., & Li, T. Validation and invariance of factor structure of a statewide reading comprehension test under accommodation and non-accommodation conditions.

Martone, D. Making the private work of teaching public: The role of a full-time math teacher leader for a school labeled underperforming.


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