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Associate Professor Rebecca Woodland

Rebecca Woodland, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership in the Department of Educational Policy, Research, and Administration at UMass Amherst. Dr. Woodland's research focuses on the implementation and evaluation of collaborative school leadership and the effects of teacher collaboration on classroom instruction and student learning outcomes. She teaches courses in School Leadership, Curriculum Development, and Program Evaluation. Dr. Woodland was Former Director of Teacher Education and an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont from 2001-2006, as well as the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Marcia Guttentag Award for excellence in professional practice. She is presently a member of the American Journal of Evaluation Editorial Board and Chair of the Values Priority Area Team of the American Evaluation Association. Dr. Woodland has authored numerous articles and a book (Gajda, 2005 ASCD) on how to manage and evaluate programs serving youth and in education, health, and human service settings, and recently directed a three-year initiative in collaboration with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that resulted in the creation of the newly drafted Massachusetts' Standards for School Leaders (Woodland & Churchill, 2009). Dr. Woodland is the Principal Investigator for the Teacher Collaboration and Instructional Improvement Project, a UMass College of Education - Amherst Regional Public School System partnership. Her recent publication, "Communities of Practice as an Analytical Construct: Implications for Theory & Practice," (Koliba & Woodland, 2009) was the International Journal of Public Administration's most widely read article for 2009.

Dr. Woodland's vita can be accessed through her website here.


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