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Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometrics (REMP)

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Professor of Education Stephen G. Sireci

Since receiving his first SAT scores, and later his GRE scores, Stephen G. Sireci has been a critic of standardized testing. But rather than criticize educational tests for their limitations, he has worked for over 20 years to help improve testing practices. His research has primarily focused on evaluating content validity, setting valid achievement standards on tests, facilitating validity using educational assessment technology, cross-lingual assessment, and improving the assessment of adult learners, linguistic minorities and students with disabilities. His service activities include advising several states (e.g., New Hampshire, Montana, Puerto Rico, Texas) and professional organizations (e.g., Gallup, ETS, GMAC, NBPTS). He has over 300 publications and conference presentations and is a reviewer for over a dozen journals in educational research and measurement. Previously, he served as Co-Editor for the International Journal of Testing and for the Journal of Applied Testing Technology. He is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and of Division 5 of the American Psychological Association, former member of the Board of Directors for the National Council on Measurement in Education, and former President of the Northeastern Educational Research Association. He has received awards for distinguished mentoring (NERA) and for research, teaching, and service from UMass. A copy of his vita and course syllabi can be found here.


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