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Religious and Spiritual Life at UMass Amherst
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Interfaith Calendars and Other Resources

Our diverse religious and cultural traditions contribute immensely to the mosaic of the UMass Amherst community, providing myriad opportunities to learn about each other's customs and beliefs. Religious holidays offer some of the best and most colorful of these opportunities.

Find the dates of various Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Baha'i, Pagan and other holidays, and learn more about these traditions, by visiting the links below.
This is an excellent, comprehensive, multi-year calendar of religious holidays, from a broadly interfaith and multicultural perspective.

Holy Days Calendar
A comprehensive and annotated listing of religious holidays for the current academic year
(compiled by the University of Southern California's Office of Religious Life).

Multi-year calendar of Jewish Holidays 2014-2018.

Jewish Holidays (
This excellent interactive calendar provides the dates and exact beginning times of all Jewish holidays far into the future (as well as for previous centuries).

Muslim Holidays (
The exact dates of Muslim holidays are dependent on actual moon sightings and regional religious authorities. This is the calendar of Islamic holidays preferred by the Muslim Students Association at UMass Amherst. Note that Muslim holidays begin at sunset on the day preceding the dates shown in most calendars.

Hindu Festivals
A multi-year calendar of Hindu festivals. Note that many Hindu festivals are regional in nature, and may not be observed in all parts of the Hindu world (or appear in a particular Hindu calendar).

The Hindu Almanac
Broad source of information about Hinduism, Hindu holidays, etc.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Information about religious demographics, affiliation, beliefs and practices, and attitudes concerning various social and political issues (such as abortion and gay marriage)... based on polls conducted by the Pew Research Center.