UMass Amherst Religious and Spiritual Life

Religious and Spiritual Life at UMass Amherst
Photo of Chapel on UMass Amherst campus

Resources for Baha'i Students

There are no private Baha'i organizations or professional advisers on campus. However, the UMass Baha'i Club (a recognized student organization) provides a spiritual meeting place for Baha'i students...

Statement from the Baha'i Club website:
"The UMass Baha'i Club organizes lectures, study groups and public meetings on issues such as human rights, the advancement of women, elimination of all forms of prejudice, spirituality and personal transformation, the harmony of science and religion and other important Baha'i principles. We also hold a wide range of social events and weekly gatherings for those interested in meeting the Baha'is on campus and learning more about the Baha'i Faith. Membership is free and open to all interested individuals irrespective of race, colour, class, nationality, or religion."

Visit the Baha'i Club website for contact and other information.

Baha'i Community of Amherst