Dean's List Honors

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Students will be awarded Dean's List Honors for a semester in which they complete a minimum of 12 graded credits with a grade point average of 3.50 or better. Pass/Fail credits are NOT counted when calculating qualifying credits. Dean's List Honors are awarded approximately 6 weeks after the end of a semester. At that point in time, the Dean's List is final. Any grade changes, resolution of INC grades, or repeated courses after Dean's List Honors are awarded do not make you eligible for the Dean's List retroactively. Questions about the Dean's List should be referred to the University Registrar's Office, 213 Whitmore Administration Building, (413) 545-0555.

Honorssort ascending Student Graduation Year Major (degree)
(H) Costa, Timothy Todd 16 Astronomy(BS)
(H) Dinjian, Emily Patricia 15 Biology(BS)
(H) Bjorge, Christine Elizabeth 16 Marketing(BBA)
(H) Gomes, Cara Marie 16 Psychology(BA)
(H) Curtis, Corinne Anna 17 Political Science(BA)
(H) Chow, Danny Gar-Ming 15 Accounting(BBA)
(H) Dowd, John Joseph 16 Finance (BBA)
(H) Hurley, Andrew Joseph 15 Accounting(BBA)
(H) Lytle, Jacob David 16 Biochem. & Molecular Biol.(BS)
(H) McNamara, John Francis 17 Psychology(BA)
(H) Terracina, Teresa Delia 15 Resource Economics(BS)
(H) Pare, Dylan Michelson 17 Astronomy(BS)
(H) Pelletier, Joseph A 17 Accounting(BBA)
(H) Saulenas, Alexandra Rose 17 Biology(BS)
(H) Solimini, Joseph Thomas 17 Finance (BBA)
(H) Albanese, Brianna Marie 18 Psychology(BS)
(H) Charpentier, Peter Michael 16 Chemical Engineering(BS)
(H) Benoit, Jessica Sarah 18 Biology(BS)
(H) Wang, Min Lap 17 Nursing(BS)
(H) Ma, Ganzhong 18 Engineering