Policies and Practices

Academic Grievance Policy

The policy guides students through the process of contesting a grade that may be arbitrary or capricious. For information on what constitutes an Academic Grievance, informal assistance in resolving disputes, and referrals to appropriate channels for related complaints students may contact the Ombuds Office.

Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures

Click here for the Academic Honesty Policy procedures, definitions and resources

Academic Regulations

All undergraduate students are responsible for complying with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures contained in this publication.

Class Absence Policy

Read more about the University policy on class absence.

Days of Religious Observance

Click here to be directed to the Campus Policy on Class Absence for Religious Observances web page.


Click here to read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Fresh Start

Students who return to the University after an absence of at least three years may have their prior work excluded from the calculation of their cumulative grade point average subject to certain conditions.

Grading and GPA Calculation

The University's grading system and GPA calculation.

Loan Deferment

Read here to learn more about deferring loan payments.

Major Declaration and Major Change Policy

Students entering in Fall 17 and later are subject to this policy relating to declaring a major.

New England Regional Student Program (NERSP)

Read more about the approved NERSP programs available at UMass.

Repeated Courses

Click here to be directed to the Repeat Course Policy located in the Academic Regulations Handbook.

Using Courses for Multiple Credentials

Click here to be directed to the Application of Courses Towards Multiple Credentials Policy.