Schedule of Classes

The SPIRE Schedule is constantly updated with up-to-the-minute information about all class sections, including meeting times, eligibility requisites (such as restrictions for "majors only"), whether the class is still "open" (meaning it has available seats), and other class details.

The Schedule of Classes shows all classes available for registration for a particular term. The SPIRE Course Catalog gives a broader picture of the courses a department may offer – not just those actually being offered in a given term. The Catalog will, therefore, include descriptions of courses that are not scheduled to be offered this term. On the other hand, there are some classes offered for a particular term that are NOT included in SPIRE's Catalog, so not every class listed in the Schedule of Classes will have an entry in the Catalog. To learn more about any classes listed in the Schedule that are not listed in the Catalog, consult the department offering the course.

 Click HERE for the current term's Schedule.