CAPS is the Class Automated Proposal System in SPIRE.  CAPS is an online, real time system built in SPIRE by OIT in collaboration with the University Registrar's Office.

CAPS was piloted in January 2013 with small and large departments and has been successfully modified with input from them.

CAPS is a one-stop SPIRE interface where all the Scheduling Representatives communication with the CCM group can be done.  Scheduling Representatives can request changes to their departmental course schedule in CAPS and view the status of those changes in real time.  CAPS automatically tracks all changes in SPIRE.  CAPS saves all requests, changes and communications, so Scheduling Representatives can view the status of the class and a complete history of all activity related to the course.

Scheduling Representatives who have completed training have access to CAPS now.   If you are a schedule representative and wish to have training, please contact SPIRE User Support.

CAPS Training document is available Here.

CAPS glossary/SPIRE Path guide is available Here.

CAPS Supported Articles on Specific Topics are Here

If you have any problems or questions while working in CAPS, please send an Email to CAPS HELP.