Class Assignment Priorities

For Fall 2014

Scheduling classes in the ILC rooms will follow a slightly different priority sequence than the rest of the academic classrooms.  For ILC classroom capacities and features click Here

ILC TBL rooms

To request a TBL course in the ILC, the University Registrar’s Office and Provost’s Office will follow these guidelines for Fall 2014:

  • Faculty who would like to teach in a ILC TBL room should ask the departmental scheduling representative to document the request in the facility comment tab in CAPS.  Please clearly note whether the course was previously taught in a pilot TBL room (in DuBois 25 or Goodell 608) by a TBL Fellow. 
  • Past TBL Fellows will have priority in the TBL rooms in the ILC.
  • Instructors need not be a former TBL fellow to request a room; however, instructors new to this type of learning space are strongly encouraged to visit the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development’s TBL site (CTFD) for workshops offerings, resources, and to request consultations.
  • CCM will prioritize ILC TBL room requests that utilize the maximum room capacity.

Schedule of other rooms in ILC

  • Schedule of the large lecture rooms (Auditorium/tiered/flexible) will follow the same guidelines as listed Here.
  • The Multi-purpose Auditorium will be assigned as a regular instructional lecture room during the mornings and will be used for Film/Media classes in the afternoon starting from 1 PM if the class meets the capacity of the room.  If the Media classes are small in size, but need the room, CCM will recommend the class be moved to a start time after 3:45 PM
  • Small flexible rooms will be assigned predominantly for discussion-based courses and are suited for active learning pedagogy.
  • Large flexible rooms will be assigned and treated as small auditoria, but are also viewed as spaces suited for active learning pedagogy.