Team Based Learning Rooms

The Integrative Learning Center (ILC) has five new Team Based Learning (TBL) rooms (click here) added to the university inventory of TBL rooms in Goodell and DuBois Library.

The TBL rooms are meant to foster active learning and are designed for more collaboration, problem-solving and inquiry-based learning. The rooms’ layout encourages student-centered approaches to teaching where student/faculty and student/student interactions are made possible by the round tables, technology, and whiteboards, which encircle the rooms.

Each student round table has 9 chairs and 3 computers and screens with the additional capability of hooking up laptops and smart technology.  All TBL rooms have a central instruction station which allows the instructor to move around the classroom.

There is ample support available to help instructors adopt, adjust, alter, and transform their courses and teach in one of the TBL rooms starting Fall 2014. Many simple techniques exist that instructors can implement right away!

Instructors who are interested in teaching in the TBL rooms should visit Here or email to speak with the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD) staff. The CTFD will assist you, connect you with faculty teaching in TBLs, get training in using the room, provide you with ideas about integrating instructional technology, and learn about workshops and funding opportunities, which are many.   There will be numerous opportunities at CTFD to receive extensive training, support, and consultation for team based teaching, prior to the Fall 2014.

Instructors, who request an ILC TBL room but were not participants in a TBL Fellowship in previous years, are encouraged to contact CTFD for training and support.

For scheduling of TBL rooms in ILC click Here