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Policy and Procedure

The UMass Procurement Department determines procedures for the purchase, transfer and disposition of University property. In May of this year, Procurement announced some new procedures for managing obsolete equipment. Equipment is defined as durable items (2 years or more life) having an estimated purchase value of $100 or more.

Items not normally fitting the definition of equipment such as furniture, file cabinets, etc. or non-saleable (junk) equipment should continue to be processed through the University's Office of Waste Management. Items fitting the definition of equipment, but for which the department does not wish to obtain revenue from on-campus transfer or public bid, should also continue to be processed through the University's Office of Waste Management. See explanation for use of SED form below.

Surplus equipment for which the owner department wishes to recoup value must be listed on a Surplus Equipment for Sale (SES) Form and then placed on a quarterly surplus bid. It will remain in departmental storage space while awaiting sale. Any proceeds will be returned to the department that owned the equipment.

Surplus items not fitting the Procurement definition of equipment (< $100 purchase value, consumable supplies, non-functional equipment) or for which the owning department does not wish to recoup resale value should be listed on the Surplus Equipment for Disposal or Transfer (SED) Form. For large quantity items (pcs, chairs) a single description should be provided along with the quantity of the item. Once this form is completed, fax it to the Office of Waste Management (5-4737) or bring it to the WRTF with the equipment to be disposed. The submission of this form will serve both as a work request with OWM and as confirmation that the listed items are no longer wanted by the department.

In the absence of proper authorization to transfer equipment - OWM staff cannot be certain that they are removing equipment that was intended for disposal rather than just placed in a hallway for temporary storage.

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Complete an SED form on the Procurement office website at;

jsessionid=1wm0wqcaoc1z57ufxlfeo7z40?execution=e1s1 . A Net ID and password are required to log-in to the form

Completion of the on-line form will automatically deliver a email to OWM and place your property pickup request in a queue. Once the form is complete and in our hands, OWM will typically respond within three weeks. Remember to note at top of the form whether or not you require moving services and whether your presence is required at the time the equipment is being removed.

Where a CPU (box containing hard-drive) is involved, a second email is sent to OIT Technical Services (Fred McIver) notifying them that a hard drive has been separated from it's CPU and will be delivered to OIT by the owner department for destruction.

If you suspect that equipment may contain asbestos, PCBs or other hazardous materials, contact Environmental Health and Safety for guidance (413) 545-2682.