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Detailed Do's and Don'ts for Recyclers

PAPER MATERIALS (for items to be placed in GREEN BINS and BLUE BINS).

CLEAN-OUTS: Please distribute this flyer to faculty or staff engaged in office and file clean-outs. While these separation rules don't need to be followed perfectly, less than 90% accuracy will present significant difficulties for our recycling staff. Contact OWM for additional yellow and blue toters if large quantities are expected. The general rule is no plastic or metal allowed. Staples, tape, and paper clips are okay but large metal or plastic fasteners are not.

  • BOUND PAPERS: Remove paper from binder or spiral, then place paper in green or blue bin.
  • BOOKS: Hardcover - call for special pick-up or drop-off at WRTF. Soft-cover - remove and dispose covers, then place in green or blue bin.
  • BLUEPRINTS: Place in trash bin.
  • BROWN CLASP ENVELOPES: Place in green or blue bin.
  • CATALOGS: Place in the green or blue bin. Call for pick-up if large quantities
  • CARBON PAPER: Old style carbon paper should be placed in trash.
  • CARBONLESS COPY PAPER: Place in green or blue bin.
  • FAX PAPER: If old style thermal fax, place in trash. Otherwise, place in green or blue bin.
  • HANGING FILE FOLDERS If metal hanger removed, place in green or blue; if not, then place in trash.
  • MANILLA & COLORED FILE FOLDERS Place in green or blue bin.
  • POST-ITS, INDEX & BUSINESS CARDS Place in green or blue bin.
  • CONFIDENTIAL PAPER If shredded, it can go directly to green or blue bin or yellow/blue toter. If unshredded, then box or bag and mark "Confidential." If your location is not on a regular Confidential route, then call for a special pickup. Due to the labor-intensive nature of the paper shredding process, please limit your designation of "Confidential" to those papers that absolutely require such designation.
  • COPY PAPER WRAPPERS: Place in green or blue bin.
  • ENVELOPES WITH WINDOWS: Place in green or blue bin.
  • PAPER BOARD: Tissue, gift and dry goods boxes are to be placed in the trash. Call the IPF if you have large quantities and we will pick-up for recycling. This material is recyclable but is not acceptable in the mixed office paper green or blue bins.
  • POSTAL PACKAGING: Place in trash bin.
  • AEROSOL CANS: Dispose of in the trash until further notice. Aerosol cans are considered a safety hazard due to the systems employed by our vendor for unloading, handling, and densifying bottles and cans.
  • GLASS: Glass food and beverage containers are the only acceptable type of glass to be placed in the red bottle and can bins.
  • PAINT CANS: Empty paint cans do not go in the red bottle and can bin. If empty and dried, they may be delivered to IPF and placed in scrap metal roll-off.
  • PLASTICS ALLOWED IN RED BOTTLE AND CAN BIN: Any plastic bottle, jar, tub, or microwave tray, e.g., detergent and cleaner bottles, beverage bottles, clean peanut butter containers, condiment jars, dairy food tubs and deli (non-Styrofoam) trays. Due to the frequent differences in plastic resin found in container caps versus container bases, you are asked to remove and dispose in the trash - all caps, lids, and covers.
  • PLASTIC PACKAGING: At this time, the following cannot be practically and economically recycled in this region.
    • Blister Pack Styrofoam cups/plates
    • Plastic toys Styrofoam packaging blocks
    • Plastic utensils (polystyrene)
    • Toxic, corrosive, or flammable liquid containers (motor oil, pesticides etc.)
    • Plastic films (garbage, grocery, food bags)
Remember to empty and rinse food and beverage containers before placing in red bins but please limit your use of water (particularly hot water). Remove food residue with a spatula or use dirty dishwater to rinse containers . There is no point in using up more energy upstream in cleaning recyclables than will be saved downstream where they substitute for virgin materials.

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DRC Job Description:

Serve as a liaison or contact person between Office of Waste Management and your department.

  1. Understand the recycling program
  2. Know what can and cannot be recycled and how material is sorted
  3. Disseminate or post written information from OWM
  4. Identify barriers to recycling in your department and report to OWM
  5. Provide OWM feedback and questions
Ideally (although optionally), the coordinator would also:
  1. Educate and inform fellow staff on need for and benefits of recycling
  2. Perform some quality control and feedback to fellow staff on what they are placing or are not placing in recycling bins
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DRC Contacts by Building

Coordinator Department Building Room Phone
Kellogg, Janet School of Public Health Arnold House 106 5-6883  
Fuqua, Elaine Bio/Epi Arnold House 408 5-1766  
Kierstead, James Business Services Center Arnold 119 5-4271  
Holhut, Joy Communications Dept. Arnold House 6 5-0131  
McGlynn, Barbara Journalism Department Bartlett 108 5-1376  
Jenkins, Debra Art History Bartlett 317B 5-3595  
Johnson, Donna English Department Bartlett 170 5-5459  
Teralt, Heidi Writing Program Bartlett 305 5-0610  
Hillenbrand, Linda Women's Studies Bartlett 208 5-1922  
Blane, Stephen Psych.Counel., Assess. Berkshire 303 5-6205  
Wessman, Dan Art Bartlett Hall   5-6969  
Eichstaedt, Herm Housing Services Berkshire   5-1960  
Bielunis, Peg Environmental Institute Blaisdell   212694  
  Plant & Soil Science Bowditch   5-2434  
Laukaitis, Maryanne Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property
Butterfield Terrace #70   5-3606  
Kibe, Dan Food Science Chenoweth Lab 127 5-1013  
Kierstead, James Business Services Center Chenoweth Lab 210 5-0798  
Stranlund, John Resource Economics Draper 203 5-6328  
Ruberti, Craig EH&S Draper   5-5119  
Sorensen, Alfred EH&S Draper 311 5-2682  
Fusia, Harvelene Bulletin Center Draper base. 5-2717  
Scott, Tom Physics & Astronomy Draper Annex   5-0294  
Fariss, Irene Inst Adv. Study in Humanities E. Exper. St. 3 5-2029  
Cooper, Wendy Computer Science ECSC 312 5-2492  
Nowak, Barbara College of Engineering Engineering Lab 101 5-2345  
Kramer, Jennifer Mech. & Industrial Eng. Engineering Lab 220 5-2505  
Brigham, Neil Child Care Office Farley Lodge   5-0967  
Berg, Orene Plant Pathology Fernald 209 5-6792  
Peters, Michael Entomology Fernald 102B 5-1050  
Wagner, Denise Theater Department Fine Arts Ctr. 112 5-3490  
Thornley, Christophe Music & Dance Dept. Fine Arts Ctr. 271 5-6408  
Farrington, Fritz Production Services Fine Arts Ctr. 146 5-0480  
Woo, Robert Art Department Fine Arts Ctr. 358 5-6967  
Megan Howe HTM Flint Lab 3 5-1389  
Bernatzky, Robert Plant & Soil Science French Hall 210 5-5222  
Potter, Roberta Dining Services Franklin DC   5-1587  
Kaminski, Nancy School of Education Furcolo 124 5-0233  
Audette, Margie Chemical Engineering Goessmann 159 5-2507  
Miller, Carolyn Training & Development Goodell 506 5-0219  
Moulton, Louise Undergrad. Advising Goodell   5-4495  
Goldsbury, Ginger Careers Services Goodell 511 5-6011  
Baye, Debra Property Office Goodell 404 5-6665  
Ferguson, Diane Graduate School Goodell 524 5-5288  
Fortino, Fran Continuing Education Goodell 6th fl. 5-1470  
Roney, Linda Honors Program Goodell 504 5-1981  
Zimnowski, Thomas Audio Visual Department Goodell 303 5-2454  
Lozier, Richard University Press Gray House   5-2219  
DeRoy, Jim University Concessions Hampden D. C.   5-4927  
Litwin, Jane USA- MTA Hampshire 110 5-0165  
Barnicle, Sherri Faculty Senate Office Hampshire 105 5-3611  
Reardon, Lori MSP Hampshire 121 5-2206  
Paluca, Tami Legal Studies Hampshire 221 5-9698  
Connolly, Joe AFSCME Hampshire 116 5-7323  
Anderson, Ed Food Services Dept.

Hampshir DC

Freeman, Dorothy Scientific Reasoning Inst. Hasbrouck 308 5-0988  
Brown, Maren Arts Council Hasbrouck 101 5-4164  
Izer, Alice History Department Herter 612 5-1330  
Hess, Marie Fine Arts Center Herter 129 5-4154  
Kieras, Audrey Judaic- Near East Studies Herter 744 5-2550  
Bishko, Alice Slavic Languages & Lit. Herter 438 5-2052  
Dwight, Ethel French & Italian Dept. Herter 314 5-6697  
Fifield, Julie Fine Arts Ctr., Director's Herter 129 5-3517  
Dedoya, Narly Spanish & Portuguese Herter 418 5-0544  
Vollinger, Connie Classics Herter 524 5-0512  
Maynard, Mary Ellen Germanic Languages/ Lit Herter 512 5-2350  
Kellogg, Donna Mental Health Services Hills North 127 5-3331  
Morrow, Dale Landscape Architecture & Reg. Planning Hills North 109 5-2264  
Pepin, Daniel Forestry & Wildlife Mgt Holdsworth 304 5-3516  
Klemyk, Linda Electrical & Comp. Engr. Knowles 113 5-0779  
Arny, Linda Ray Physical Sciences Library LGRC 2nd fl. 5-1370  
Steele, Carol Natural Sci & Math LGRT B720 5-1785  
Stradley, Sarah Chemistry LGRT 701 5-3063  
Keyworth, Barbara Radio Astronomy LGRT 619 5-0789  
Ryan, Mary Ann Physics & Astronomy LGRT 1130 5-2408  
  Parking Services Lot 25   5-6585  
Mason, Karen SADRI Machmer W34A 5-5970  
MacDonald, Louise Arts & Science Advi.Ctr Machmer E-24 5-5340  
Dreyer, Susan Communications Machmer 407 5-1311  
Fitzgerald, Lisa Anthropology Machmer 215 5-0028  
Reiter, Deborah STPEC Machmer E27 5-0043  
Tudryn, Tracy & Kathleen Ready Communication Dept. Machmer 407 5-1311  
Landry, Betty New Students Program Mather Bldg. 310 5-4943  
Shurn, Mary Undergrad Admissions Mather Bldg. 109 5-3716  
Bisbee, Mary Civil & Environ. Engr. Marston 18 5-2172  
Murphy, Janice Col. of Engr. Dean's Office Marston 129 5-4788  
Harvey, Eugenie Development Office Memorial Hall   5-3768  
Piquette, Christine Office of Human Rels. Middlesex 206 5-4349  
Jablonski, Sheryl Donahue Institute Middlesex 220 5-0003  
Bishop, Jake MHEC MHEC Bldg. base. 5-1096  
Mientka, Ed Environ. Health & Safety Morrill N414 5-2682  
Berg, Orene Microbiology Morrill 4N -203 5-6792  
Eric Bertrand Biology Morrill South 309 5-4527  
Westveer, James Mullins Ctr. Operations Mullin's Center   5-3129  
Hersant, Betty News Office Munson 200 5-0444  
Bock, Lynn Publications Munson 101 5-0123  
Fitzgibbons, Daniel Campus Chronicle Munson 205 5-4818  
Woo, Bob Art Department Munson   5-6967  
Andrews, Brett Afro-American Studies New Africa Hs. 325 5-2751  
Malone, Hermance Marching Band Old Chapel 273 5-3410  
English, Sue Vet. & Animal Sciences Paige Lab 314 5-2312  
Long, Steve Photographic Services Photo Center   5-2298  
Page, Norman Polymer Science Polymer Res. Ctr. B252 5-2730  
Putala, John Custodial Services Physical Plant   5-6463  
Zobka, Margo Grant & Contract Admin Research Admin. Bldg.   7-1590  
Kang, Jyh-haw Indus Eng. & Oper. Res. Robotics Lab   5-3676  
Barrett, Brenda Military Science ROTC Bldg 79   5-2321  
Baj, Henry Grounds Maintenance Small Eng Shop   5-0796  
Cornwell, Cathy M.S.B.D.C. Network SOM 205 5-6301  
Keedy, Diane Dean's Office SOM 365 5-5624  
Schoenberger, Karen Social & Behav. Sciences South College 202 5-1753  
Ballard, Lynne Linguistics Department South College 226 5-0889  
Papirio, Linda Comparative Literature South College 303 5-0929  
Madigan, Debra Communications Dept. South College   5-4314  
Cromack, Patty CFNR Administration Stockbridge 217 5-2771  
Barron, Sandy Environmental Science Stockbridge 340 5-5226  
Matys, Wendy Sociology Department Thompson 708 5-4057  
Furioni, Deb M.I.S.E.R. Thompson 128 5-3460  
Rose-Racine, Nina Asian Languages & Lit. Thompson 26 5-0886  
Bachand, Trish Political Science Thompson 426 5-1354  
Colon, Kathy Publ. Pol.& Admin. Thompson 416 5-3956  
Herdina, Nicole Economics Department Thompson 1024 5-6352  
Zilinski, Eva Alterations Tillson Farm   7-4472  
Blackbird, Florrie Exercise Department Totman 110 5-1337  
Barrington, Glenn PVTA (Transit Services) Univ. Garage   5-0056  
Coty, Sarah Visitor's Center Visitor Center   5-3480  
Bodine, Steven Plant & Soil Science West Experiment Station   5-2231  
Newton, Anita Transcripts Office Whitmore 213 5-2781  
Beauregard, Donna Student Affairs Whitmore 319 5-2300  
Goldbaum, Larry Office of Jewish Affairs Whitmore 218 5-9642  
Garstka, Ann OIT Whitmore 239 5-1955  
Hayes, Gail Institu'l Research & Planning Whitmore 237 5-5154  
Burnham, Ken Enrollment Services Whitmore 208 5-0428  
Holmes, Terri Administration & Finance Whitmore 340 5-1581  
Bell, Lorie Disability Services Whitmore 231 5-0892  
Theroux, Liz Registrar's Office Whitmore 213 5-5023  
Caldwell, Debra Financial Aid Services Whitmore 243 5-1530  
Buffone, Nancy Provost's Office Whitmore 362 5-2554  
Watkins, Sandra Records Whitmore 207 5-0555  
Knuerr, Ellen Budget Office Whitmore 343 5-2142  
Campbell, Yvonne Employment Office Whitmore 167 5-1396  
Galvin, Eileen Center for Teaching Whitmore 160 5-1225  
Thomas, Janet Chancellor's Office Whitmore 300 5-2903  
Lawrence, Debby Data Processing Whitmore 150 5-3546  
Sall, Terry Public Affairs Whitmore 305 5-4894  
Nwokoye, Anne Everywoman's Center Wilder Hall 2nd fl. 5-5823  
Gutierrez, Carmen Billingual Collegiate Wilder Hall 1st fl. 5-1987  
Motyka, Jim Dining Services Worcester DC Dir. 5-1504  
Hutchinson, Katherine UMFCFCU 6 University Drive   549- 5965  
Grandonico, Vincent Univ Info Systems 333 South St. Shrewsbury ste. 400 856- 2813  

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