"Sustainable Living: Solutions for the 21st Century": NRC 185 (GenEd SI)   Fall 2018

Students will live in Mary Lyon Hall in the Northeast residential area.

Read what Fall 2018 instructor Britt Florio has to say about the course: 

Sustainable Living is an interdisciplinary course that examines the impact (both positive and negative) of individual actions on our society, environment and economy. Students will be challenged to consider their role in defining tomorrow’s global society, and will have opportunities to create meaningful change in their local community. Sustainable Living considers the science behind consumption, and channels student energy and creativity into real-world solutions.

Through case studies, research, discussion, and team collaboration, students will develop a toolbox of skills that are applicable to a range of fields and careers. Most assignments will focus on effective communication strategies. The majority of course materials will be drawn from current events, and our definition of sustainability will be a moving target that we define together over the course of the semester.

Sustainability & Society RAP