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RAP INSTRUCTORS:  Classroom support and AV information

Problems with AV technology during class? Please call 577-7287 to report the issue.

Problems with the AV Box Lock? Try these steps:

  • In order to set the lock you first have to turn all numbers on the lock to zero.
  • Next, you turn the numbers to the code, while pressing down on the handle of the lock. 
  • If the lock is sticky, apply some pressure while opening it.

Still no luck? Refer to the email we sent you on Sept. 4. There is a list with phone number for you to call based on what classroom you are teaching in. Someone should be able to help.
Report problems with the lock by sending a Service Request immediately and call or send an email to RAP to let us know. 545-2803, 

Problems with the white board or furniture, file a report with Housing Service Request system.

RAP Course Syllabus Information Fall 2020

Syllabus Checklist - for RAP GEN ED classes - See a list of all required elements for a RAP course syllabus.

Syllabus Suggestions - Best Practices - check out some examples from prior RAP course syllabi.


Important Campus Resources for Instructors

Disability Services

Academic Honesty

“What I like most about this RAP course is the instructor's enthusiasm on the subject and his clear understanding of the subject matter. I also like how he facilitates natural, meaningful discussions and I always feel like I can contribute my thoughts and ideas confidently..”       -Fall 2017 student

Resources for Students and Instructors

Student Success Planner 2019-2020 PDF: text without calendar pages

Notes 1. If you have trouble accessing the information in this document, contact the RAP Office at 413-545-2803 or We will work with you to determine an accessible format.
2. The planner itself and the fillable version (link below) have weekly calendar pages.

Student Success Planner 2019-2020 Fillable Version


First-Year Seminar Student Resource Guide Fall 2019

Note: This document addresses first-year seminar common content and is a companion to the Student Success Planner.

Please contact Kathy Weilerstein or come to Goodell Building Room 613 if you would like hard copies of either.

Information for RAP Instructors