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"My Body, My Health": Public Health 160 (GenEd DUSI) Fall 2019

Students will live together in James Hall in the Southwest residential area.

Read what Fall 2019 course instructor Jen Dolan has to say about the course:

As a first-year college student:

  • How are you going to maintain healthy eating habits when faced with multiple choices and options?
  • How do you navigate stress in a healthy way?
  • How do you find time to get your school work done and still have a healthy social life?

In this course we will find the answer to those questions and more.This course promotes individual and community wellness with a focus on health topics that are relevant to college students. We will use collaborative, socially engaged approaches to examine topics such as resilience and stress, healthy eating, social image, social activism, environmental health, substance use, healthy relationships, and human sexuality with an emphasis on helping you get the most out of your college experience.

"Intro to Kinesiology": Kinesiology 100 (GenEd BS)    Fall 2019

Students will live together in Emerson Hall located in the Southwest residential area.

Read what Fall 2019 instructor Jules Miehm has to say about the course:

This course is an interdisciplinary approach to Kinesiology, the science of human movement.

The objectives of this course include

  • providing students with a rounded overview of the subfields of Kinesiology including motor control, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, exercise neuroscience, and exercise psychology.
  • highlighting the importance of Kinesiology and how it is being used in our everyday settings.
  • introducing students to scientific research articles and evidence-based theories and practices.
  • encouraging critical thinking about how science is portrayed to the public.
  • and developing skills to maintain students' own lifetime health and wellness. 

On completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the following topics:

  • The goals, scope, significance and methods of the field of Kinesiology
  • The various sub-disciplines of Kinesiology
  • The multidimensional changes in human movement capability that occur with maturation and as an adaptation to physical activity 

Additionally, on successful completion of the course, students will have a suitable foundation for more detailed studies of kinesiology.

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