Fall 2016 GPS Panel Information

All GPS Panels have already taken place.

Check out the GPS Panel Program to see the wealth of opportunities that were presented. There is contact information listed so that you can follow up with learning more about any of the opportunities. 

Fall 2016 GPS Panelist Information

Click here for Profiles and Contact Information for all the Fall 2016 GPS Panelists


GPS incorporates all the RAP goals and adds the element of taking the college experience to the next level.  Specifically, GPS is designed to get students excited about a variety of opportunities that will enhance the college experience and enable students to develop the skills, tools and knowledge to take charge of their college education and be an active and engaged member of the global community upon graduation.

GPS Student Panels, sponsored by RAP, provide a chance for first-year students to hear stories from their upper-class peers about their personal experiences with various programs and opportunities. We hope this will help students realize that there are many wonderful options to choose from – and many are easier to participate in than they might have imagined.