"Hone Your Knife: Applications of Food Science to Life" - a CNS First-Year Seminar.

TWO LOCATIONS: Students can choose to join this program and live in Knowlton Hall OR in Crabtree Hall. 

Read what instructor Michelle Ecarma has to say about this one-credit seminar:

This seminar will objectively look at principles of food science and culinary arts to slice against the grain in life's barriers. Students will be taught an array of unique skills from these disciplines to improve quality of palate and life.

Prepare your ears, eyes, tongue, and mind: we'll challenge your sensory perception! 

Knowlton Hall and Crabtree Hall are in the Northeast residential area.

"A Day in the Life of Your Cells" - a CNS First-Year Seminar. 

For students who join CNS Connect in Kennedy Hall. 

Read what instructor Heather Bisbee has to say about this one-credit seminar: 

How does drinking your morning coffee or pulling an all-nighter affect your health?
One way scientists look for answers to these questions about health and disease is to examine our cells- the body's building blocks.
In this seminar, we will examine:

  • the way cells work
  • how external factors (e.g. caffeine) change their behavior, and
  • how cellular changes can cause disease.

Kennedy Hall is in the Southwest residential area.

"Science Cat and Other Dank Memes: Using Images to Convey Information" - a CNS First-Year Seminar.

For students who join CNS Connect in Cance Hall. 

Read what instructor Louis Colaruotolo has to say about this one-credit seminar:

This seminar focuses on how we use images to convey information and scientific ideas in a visually attractive and informative way, and includes practice creating memes and infographics that tell a story.

Bad Luck Brian, Dat Boi, and Philosoraptor are all popular and fun social media memes. When we are mindlessly scrolling on social media, information is being transferred from the page to our brains. This passive form of communication can be helpful or harmful, so how do we determine fact from fake? 

We will explore how we, as scientists can use memes to talk about plant biology, physical chemistry, or astronomy.

Cance Hall is in the Southwest residential area.

CNS Connect RAP

CNS Connect RAP - James Hall - Fall 2016